The ``can't live without`` or the ``not-so basic basic`` service puts the ``ahhh`` back in spa. A soothing aromatherapy hand soak, nails are trimmed and shaped, cuticles are gently pampered and a relaxing massage completes the treatment before polishing. *The Signature Pedicure | $40 *Manicure/Pedicure Combo |$55

Caribbean Getaway Manicure |$25

A waterless all-in-one glove manicure, loaded with a nourishing and hydrating keratin that moisturizes the skin, softens the cuticles and strengthens the nails. *Caribbean Getaway Pedicure |$45 *Manicure/Pedicure Combo |$60


*A alternative to gel. Take a short break and rehydrate your natural nails. A performed signature manicure. Up to 11 days of gel-like wear and shine (no lamp needed), easy application and soak off removal. *Hybrid Polish Pedicure |$45 *Hybrid Manicure/Pedicure Combo |$60


True escape to beautiful. A hydrating, exfoliating, warm oil cuticle treatment. Includes a soothing aromatherapy hand soak, complete cuticle and nail care, exfoliating sugar scrub, hot towel wrap, cuticle oil, and silky smooth light scented whip hydrating massage cream, and a perfect polish finish.


Get the upper hand with the chip-resistant, mirror-finished gel polish that cures in 30 seconds under a led lamp, last up to 14 days and won't compromise your natural nail health in the process, Because sometimes a mani just need to last! It also provides strength to your natural nails to help them grow naturally longer and stronger. Nails and cuticles are detailed and hands and arms are treated with warm hydrating whip massage cream. *To maintain your perfect 10, a maintenance visit every two weeks is recommended: includes complimentary soak off. *The Survivor Gel Pedicure |$55


*15 minute mani or pedi On your lunch break, Or just running short on time, but still need a quick way to de-stress? A considered manicure service that doesn't sacrifice on a premiere experience. Removal of existing polish, file, shape and buff nails. Apply replenishing lotion and polish in 15 minutes. *Recommended allowing drying time after service. *The Quick Fix Combo |$25

Princess 'Kid'i'Cure |$15

After your princess has selected her favorite shade of polish from the ella+mila collection, a cleansing of hands and nails with a scented remover wipe, a mini-manicure which includes soft file, shaping, moisturizing softening balm infused with vitamin E to condition and hydrate nail bed and cuticle, polished to perfection and given a sweet lip balm or nail treat. *Manicure & Pedicure Combo |$25 *Ages10 and under


Soak +trim+ file+ shape +scented scrub+ massage +polish *Manicure & Pedicure Combo|$30 *Ages 11 to 15


Professional remover of gel or shellac polish, time will vary depending on the brand of polish that is being removed.

``The Dip`` Manicure |$45

Have weak, flexible nails that tear easily? Desires stronger more durable nails, without the commitment and odor of acrylic services? Well acrylic nails have been reinvented! Faster, easier and odor free. Dries almost instantly, no need to light cure and easy soak off removal. The results show a protective overlay for the natural nail with built-in color, Gel-like shine and 2+weeks of wear. *Soak off & Reapply | $50

The 'Man'i'Cure $25

A cleansing of hands and nails, cuticles are expertly groomed before hands and arms are treated with warm hydrating whip massage lotion. Nails are buffed or polished for a clean finish, at your request.



Relaxing and Rejuvenating. This treatment includes dipping of the hand or feet in a warm scented melted wax, coating with a soothing and moisturizing shell. Known to increase circulation, improve skin color and texture, and deep cleanses, used a way to replenish, leaving your skin soft and subtle. *With additional services |$5 *Without additional services |$10


*Pay for 10 manicures and get 2 free. Worn nail enhancements for some time and would prefer a more natural approach? The transition manicure will allow the acrylic nail to grow out without concern of further damage to the natural nail surface. You can maintain the same nail appearance with this 12-Step Recovery Program, which consist of a series of 12 classic standard manicures, within 7 to 10 days, because your natural nails will need full attention at this point. Whether its for a new job, or simply a new season in life, Learn to love your natural nails. Let me show you how!


Worn gel for some time and just need a break? Removal of Gel Polish Incorrectly? This 3 system treatment restores nail strength, repairs damaged natural nails and defends breaking, tearing and peeling- in just one week, with safflower seed oil, bamboo and cactus extract, This formula includes a shimmer-serum base coat, a sheer layer of 3 nude shades designed to perfectly complement a broad spectrum of skin tones, a protective top coat, that preserves and protects nails while providing a high gloss shine. (no lamp needed).


A performed signature manicure. Followed by paraffin hand treatment, OPI PRO SPA protective hand serum that helps nourish, brighten & protect hands to fight the signs of aging. Exfoliating sugar scrub with Cupuacu, Avocado Oil, White tea extracts. Warm hydrating whip massage cream, mico- exfoliator hand polish with vitamin C that works together to polish dull, dry skin while ultra-nourishing cupuacu helps condition, and leave you polished and painted to perfection.


A performed signature pedicure. Followed by paraffin foot treatment, OPI PRO SPA soothing soak, advanced callus softening gel, soothing moisture masque, exfoliating sugar scrub, warm hydrating whip massage cream, hot towel wrap, intense callus smoothing balm for softening feet and heal treatment balm that helps restores dry, callused soles to relieve severe dryness, if needed.


MARGARITAS & MANICURES |Starting at $520 and Up

Escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and re-awaken your sense with A Girls Night In, held primarily amongst women where each guest receives beauty treatments and generally spending time indulging and pampering themselves. This 4-hour event will consist of a Mini Mani, Margaritas Or Martinis and Hors D'oeuvres, A LACQUER'D UP Personalized Glam Bags and Giveaways. *add on mini facials- specialist massage techniques help stimulate & oxygenate the skin while re-balancing the mind and body. *Deposit Required Pricing for 8 People


Melt your wedding planning stresses away with a private Girl's Night In or a Brunch and Bubbly for you and your bridesmaids before the big day! Catch up with the girls and have your natural nails finished! This 4-event will consist of a Mini Mani & Unlimited Martinis, or Bubbly, & Drunk in Love Recovery Kit Bags *add on mini facials- specialist massage techniques help stimulate & oxygenate the skin while rebalancing the mind and body. *Deposit Required Pricing for 8 People


Royal Treatment For Your Princess! Because every Princess should be Pampered! Just like mom's signature pampering, only smaller! Reserve a special time for your Lil Princess! Contact me for details! *Ages 12 and under

Nail Nuptials|Starting at $325 and Up

*Deposit Required *Bridal Consultation prior to the wedding day to determine the look desired for your special day. Choose From The Happily Ever After Gel/Shellac Manicure or The I Do Signature Manicure for your Wedding Day + 4 Bridal Party Members. *add on Eye Do Brow Contour-precision tweezing or waxing trim and brow powder. *add on nail art for the I Do Signature Manicure price base on the level of detail required. *add on nail art for the Happily Ever After Gel/Shellac Manicure price base varies depending on level of difficulty and supplies.

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Musette Taylor, a native Memphian, a licensed manicurist that specializes in natural nail care, CND Shellac Certified Pro and Owner of ALL LACQUER’D UP, a natural nail studio, Pampering using the highest quality products while protecting your natural nails.

She pursued her study at Tennessee Academy Of Cosmetology Bartlett, Tennessee. During her time of study Musette developed a mission to provide each client with a unique, luxurious, sensory experience

of solace that can not only give them stylish, pretty nails, but also cater to their needs with a healthy and peaceful environment.

Musette has a high pursuit for all things natural and wants her salon to offer a more tranquil, quiet and relaxing experience; all services are performed with an attention to detail and genuine customer service with a friendly positive attitude.

In harmony with great natural nail care, Sanitation is a tremendous focus at All Lacquer’d Up with a “no sharing” of disposable nail care materials Policy.  All metal implements are sanitized in EPA disinfectant and then baked in a hospital grade heater sterilizer. Your safety is worth it and to top it off your nails are polished to perfection with luxury nail care services.
ALL LACQUER’D UP is the completion of a dream to provide a nail salon complete with everything you want and desire in client care!

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